Lincoln Mall Owensboro Kentucky

Lincoln Mall was first constructed in 1971. It was the initial enclosed shopping center in the region, and it had a primary anchor store, which was Woolco. The shops that opened up their doors in concert with the grand opening of the mall were Star Pizza, Olan Mills Photography, Arnold’s Jewelers, and Mall Twin Cinema, and there were several other stores, many of which have been forgotten over the years. The mall had just a single floor, hallway, and just four stores that had entrances outside. The cinema first opened up in 1971, with Lincoln Mall, and there were tickets to see a show there that only cost $1.50 at the time, which was incredibly cheap. I still have a ticket from a show a long while back. There was a little water fountain with three water spouts, and they sprayed continuously.

The founder and owner of the mall is William Barron. He believed that the city needed a mall to give the retail economy a little boost. He constructed Lincoln Mall to do just that. When the mall was constructed, there were a lot of other stores that were in the same area.

Lincoln Mall had a really strong term. All of the store spaces were completely full, there were no storefronts that were vacant, and there were walkers around the mall who went their daily for their daily exercise too. There were children, and they had their parents with them, and they were doing a lot of shopping. This was the successful place to be.

However, in 1979, there was a mall on the other side of town, and it had four anchor malls, and there around 90 stores that were being built on the other end of the mall. The mall was going to be called Towne Square Mall. It had some anchor stores like Sears, Bacons, and JC Penney.

Lincoln Mall went into a decline that very year. There were a lot of clothing boutique shops that either shut down or moved out of the mall to the other side of the city. Over the next couple of years, shopper traffic went down a lot, and it then increased at Towne Square. This caused many consignment stores, thrift stores, and antique stores to move out. The mall is currently empty to this day. There are only two stores there and an insurance ofice. The Twin Cinema closed down, the Goodwill stored moved out, and several other stores closed too. The mall still is there like it was so many decades ago, but it’s a lot quieter and more creepy. The front doors are unlocked each day, and there are still vending machines, coke machines, and restrooms available too. It’s not fun to see a mall go on the decline, but when there’s another mall that’s competing with it strongly then it can be hard to get into the community and keep a presence there. The other mall just ends up shutting down the business from the previous one. It’s just what happens in the mall game.

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