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I remember looking at this mall when it was really in its heyday, and I’m not sure it was ever successful. I don’t know if it ever once thrived, or if it never thrived at all. Their website has been completely shut down as well.

There are a ton of empty spaces at the mall, the only retailer that’s a big name is TJ Maxx, and there are some secondary stores too, like a little Rocky Rococo’s pizza. There are even a few little independent shops, like the Wisconsin Craft Market, and there’s even a store that sells fossils too, but they probably can’t make up for that bad location.

There are a ton of empty storefronts, and it’s a tiny, little convoluted space. There’s not an open atrium like most malls currently have. There are just corridors that twist around, and it’s difficult to see what’s inside. Someone did put up huge mirrors along one wall to try to make the mall seem like it was a little larger. It didn’t really help all that much though. I sort of felt claustrophobic, and it felt really old and outdated, and there were never really any large groups of people who were shopping inside the mall. There are some malls which just don’t attract the masses, and they don’t seem to bring in the visitors because they have no design appeal or good shops. Some of those malls are just difficult as heck to get inside, they have twisty corridors, bad entrances, and lots of bad stores that no one wants. There has to be a lot going right for a mall to work right.

If this mall was ever vibrant, it was probably weakened by the different, modern, and contemporary malls in Madison, like West Towne Mall, which is located pretty near to it. This one has a floor plan that’s a lot more often. It’s pretty clear that this is one of the worst malls in the whole world. It’s a shame that it was ever open in the first place. There are very few malls that were so poorly-designed or hard to get around in or find stores at as well.

It’s a sad thing when malls are built, but when they’re not built in ways that people like or want to use at all. It can be hard for people to deal with how poor some malls look, and they might want to just escape out of there as fast as possible and get out of there completely. However, there are a lot of malls that look very well, and they get very few visitors too. It can be hard for mall operators and owners to deal with their losses. They may try to start a new mall. Or, they may go away and not want to ever start any kind of business project again.

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