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In recent years the Valley View Mall in Dallas has become one of the number of Dallas malls that has essentially failed. This is largely due to the competition from malls like the enormous Northpark Mall and the glamorous, upmarket Galleria Dallas, both within just a few miles of Valley View’s location in one of the most mall-heavy major cities in America.

The Valley view Mall was originally an expansion on an existing Sears, adding on space for major anchors Bloomingdales, Joske’s and Sangar Harris. It opened as a mall in the early 70′s, and did pretty well throughout the two decades that followed. It opened up a big AMC movie theater, along with housing popular store spaces like Macy’s and Foley’s.

Despite being in a high end area of Dallas, surrounded by up scale office developments and attractive residential areas, the mall has tended to house more middle market stores rather than opting for the top end designer names. While the clientele it attracts tend to be more on the low budget end, it has not really had a lot of trouble with crime and its decline has been attributed mostly to the sheer volume of competition in the area.

Due to the value of the land and property, and its very desirable location, it is very unlikely that the Valley View Mall will be around in its current format for many more years. This is a prime site for redevelopment, whether as retail, office or residential space (or, as is becoming more and more popular with developers, a combination of all three in a multipurpose complex), and the space is seen as being worth too much to be allowed to continue endlessly as a clearly failing mall. For now, however, you can still visit Valley View where you can still take in a movie or look around the remaining stores.

Our address

2040 Valley View Center, Dallas, TX 75240
32.9313942, -96.80617489999997
(972) 661-2939

Opening Hours

10am - 9pm
10am - 9pm
10am - 9pm
10am - 9pm
10am - 9pm
10am - 9pm
12pm - 6pm

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