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Back in the day, before Taunton was bestowed with The Silver City Galleria, the Old Taunton Mall, located off Oak street, was one of the only malls around. Some of the stores that stick out in my mind were Bradlees (which I guess was probably the main anchor) Cherry & Webb, Radio Shack, Stop and Shop, Side One Records, A place that had cool iron-ons for your T-shirt (forget the name) and the Joke Shop! In the early 90′s when Bradlees left and Stuarts came in, this mall was on life support. When the Silver City Galleria opened that was pretty much ‘all she wrote’ for the Old Taunton Mall.

The only time I ever visit this place is to go to the registry. I’m not sure if you can walk inside and go through the mall because there’s absolutely nothing worth venturing in to see. I know there’s a Save-A-Lot, Aaron’s, Planet Fitness, A Subway sandwich shop and I think a dialysis center.

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  1. Ah this mall was totally craptastic back in the day. I remember the poor burnt guy that worked as a chef at Bliss. I saw him drop a grilled cheese on the ground and throw it on a plate!

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