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The Dutchess Mall opened in 1974, with a May Department Store, and Luckey Platt (a Poughkeepsie based department store). Many national tenants of the ytime catered to this mall, such as Radio Shack, Fluff&Stuff, and more. There were some other local stores that were in the mall too. They were Drug World, ad Treasure Island. The mall expierienced some changes throughout it’s life. May’s closed and was replaced with Jamesway, and Luckey Platt was replaced by Service Merchandise.

The mall met with failure in the late 90′s however, when the Poughkeepsie Galleria was built about 4 miles away. Jamesway went out, and Service Merchandise soon followed. Many smaller stores have gone too. Now, this mall has nothing but a bank, a piano store, and a flea market in the old Service Merchandise space, and barriers block off all of the hallways. Trying to explore the place is very hard. Plans have called for turning this mall into an office park, and even a Six Flags theme park, but after years of talk, nothing has happened. I think this mall is going to turn into the next Dixie Square Mall :)

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Route 9 & I-84 Fishkill, New York
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