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This mall opened in 1974 as one of the Pyramid Company’s first three malls, the Pyramid Mall at Saratoga. The other two were the Pyramid Mall at Ithaca (still retains this name today), and the Pyramid Mall in Plattsburgh, which came to be known as Champlain Centre South, which is now a strip mall. At those three malls openings, the Pyramid Company, was just starting out.

Anyway, when the Pyramid Mall at Saratoga opened, it had a Montgomery Ward, Flah’s, The Boston Store, and The Carl Company(a Schenectady based chain store). Many smaller stores were in the mix as well, such as Kinney Shoes, Teepeedashery, Sterling Optical, all of the traditional tenants of the time. In the 1980′s, some changes came about. The Boston Store closed and changed to Service Merchandise. Also, in 1989, Flah’s closed, and Jamesway moved in. Then, in 1990, The Wilton Mall at Saratoga opened next door.

This was the time that the mall was changed to The Saratoga Mall. Plans in the beginning, called for connecting the two malls together, to form one superregional center. But, this never materialized. Another plan, was to take the Montgomery Ward store, vacate it, and move the store out of the Saratoga Mall, and move it over to Wilton Mall. This, also never happened, because Montgomery Ward closed that store before they could do it. Now, the land where the new store would have been, is now fenced off and full of weeds.

In 1995, Jamesway pulled out, and so did the Carl Company. This proved a big threat to the fate of this mall. But, the mall had some new life breathed into it, by putting in a Jo Ann Fabrics, and an Eckerd into the old Carl Company. A Flea Market moved into the old Jamesway. In 98, the final toll was taken when the Service Merchandise store closed. The other stores closed up, and when the mall was demolished, the only stores left were the Eckerd, and the Flea Market.

The mall was demolished and turned into Wilton Square. This new plaza opened in 2000, and features a brand new Eckerd, Target, AC Moore, Petsmart, The Home Depot, Barnes and Noble, and other small stores. The plaza is doing quite well to this day.

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