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There were a couple of anchor stores at this mall, which were a Zayre and Montgomery Ward, and it later turned into an Ames, because Ames purchased Zayre. Ames did not move out, but it had a couple of stores in the town, and it soon just closed that single one. It’s still a strange thing that almost bankrupt Ames would buy the completely bankrupt Zayre, and it had gone bankrupt after buying another chain. Their store space was leased, and when they purchased Zayre, they sold out the merchandise and lost a lot of money on it. They remodeled the store as best as they could, at a big expense, and they restocked the store. What could they have bought?

There was kind of a fight, and there were a lot of lumberyards and hardware stores closing, and there ended up just being a big Home Depot built on the site of the old mall. It’s where the back of the lot is, where the Ames was, and the whole wing of the previous mall, the one that turned into a Montgomery Wards and move theater, is just a distant memory now. There was a lot of hope that the Home Depot would bring some more business into the Panda Pavilion, a Chinese restaurant, but any increase that came was given to the new Applebee’s that came in. It’s a sad day when a good, family-owned Chinese restaurant can’t set up shop in town and thrive. It’s a terrible thing that the Chinese restaurant won’t get any overflow traffic from the old mall that used to be there. They used to get a lot of business from it. It’s just completely gone now, at least from the mall.

The mall was a great example of what really good 1970s retail looked like. There were cinder block and brown shingle facades. The locals put in a little graffiti and some broken windows too It doesn’t look nearly as good anymore, and it looks a lot worse since it was a 1970s look to begin with.

It’s hard to imagine that this mall wouldn’t go the way of the dinosaur, and true to many peoples’ estimations, it did. This mall is no longer standing, and it’s totally out of the way. There’s now space for a Home Depot, and it’s a much better use of area and space. There are a lot of malls that are just old and decrepit now. They don’t look good, and they never really looked good. It’s amazing how so many malls can just go out of business like that. They can just falter and fail, and it’s often a feature of the design why they do that. It can be difficult for people to fathom that a mall could just disappear like that, but when it’s built on a bad foundation, that’s what happens. It just seems that bad design and bad looks are some key reasons that malls sometimes fail. There are really good reasons sometimes why malls shut down and fail.

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