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There are plenty of malls in the United States, however, there are also a lot of malls that are really dead and serve no purpose other than a reminiscence of what used to be a prosperous mall. Unfortunately for Palm Springs Mall, that is indeed the case, even though the mall has not officially closed yet it would not be a shock to anyone if it were to close tomorrow.

Despite having a unique interior and a good selection of stores to shop from, for whatever reason the Palm Springs Mall just didn’t have what it takes to really make it in the business. Sadly, the mall had rough odds from the start simply due to the fact it was in such a high retail area like California, and there was a lot of competition with other shopping centers nearby.

Early years of Palm Springs Mall

Built just a couple miles northeast of the downtown area in Palm Springs, right on Tahquitz Canyon Way, the Palm Springs Mall was established and opened in the year 1970. Walker-Scott was the original owner of the establishment, and they owned the building up until 1987 when the entire chain had folded. The replacement for Walker-Scott was Buffums’, who were a Long Beach based company who would also fold in 1991.

The next owner, Gottschalks, would take over until their company would eventually fold as well in the year 2009, just like all of the previous owners at Palm Springs Mall. It is quite possible that the downfall of this mall can be blamed on the fact that every owner was struggling financially and had trouble managing the mall and thus never really allowing it to grow.

Palm Springs Mall Anchor Stores

Originally, the anchor locations for this mall were Kmart and J.C. Penney, however the Kmart store would eventually close and the area would be used to host both a Ross Dress for Less and a True Value. Eventually, the J.C. Penney anchor location would close down, as well as the True Value store would re-located to somewhere else.

Possible Re-development of Palm Springs Mall

Since the year 2007, there have been rumors circulating in the local community that Palm Springs Mall would soon undergo a major renovation in an attempt to finally bring life to the dying mall. However, none of these rumors have become truths and with each day that goes by the chances of a renovation become less and less likely.

Tenants continue to leave Palm Springs Mall, and less and less customers are visiting the mall, essentially, the mall as a whole is on a steady decline and showing no signs of changing paths. With the fact that the location of Palm Springs Mall is a little unorthodox and out of the way, as well as many other more successful shopping center areas are located just a few miles in other directions, it is obvious there’s no reason for hopes to be high in regards to Palm Springs Mall becoming revived.

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