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There was a declining downtown situation in Ogden, Utah, and the Ogden City Mall was billed as a solution in a town with very little economic success. There was a ZCMI, Bon Marche, Nordstrom’s, and JC Penney that were the anchor stores for it. It was a very successful two-level mall throughout the middle portion of the 1990s. The original owner of the mall, Ernie Hahn, did lose control of the site of the mall to CIGNA, which was in the middle portion of the 1990s.

Ogden got another mall in 1981. It was a single-level mall, and it looked like it was in sort of a low-rent area, and it opened with the Mervyn’s and Sears as its anchors. The mall opened, but it had less than 20% of it occupied, and it really languished for the following decade when Ogden City Mall was thriving. Newgate Mall did get a big makeover in the early 1990s though, and it was a couple of other factors in 1995 that actually saved the mall. Newgate Mall basically attracted Dillard’s, and Newgate’s ownership company got sold to another company. There were a lot more national tenants there then. The tide was turned strongly toward Newgate, and their occupancy shot up 50%. Now, Newgate Mall is vibrant, and it has over 90 kiosks and stores.

The Ogden City Mall had a decline that pretty much paralleled the growth of the Newgate Mall. The mall was sold to a couple of people in 1999. There were some big ideas to bring the mall back to life, but they started to look more like absentee landlords than anything else. The three anchors that remained closed with that landlord. Nordstrom’s closed their store too. JC Penney then left the space. In the last final years of the mall’s existence, there were a lot of developers that went through the mall, and they wanted to save it. It ended up that the city purchased the mall. The mall was then closed down. It was then demolished too. It’s really disheartening to hear the story of a mall that was so popular just get shut down like that. However, it’s what happens, and it’s a frequent feature of many malls throughout history. It’s not hard to see why so many people just get disillusioned when big malls pop into existence nowadays. They have seen so many malls come and go. They’re used to the fact that malls just disappear.

It’s sad that a mall can go through a rise, a decline, a buy, another buy, another buy, and then a closure, and then a demolishment.

There are several stories of malls just like this one. It’s sad that so many malls can just disappear like that. Malls come and go, but some of the best malls are sometimes the ones to go too. It’s hard to imagine, but there are some of the biggest malls in the world that just go by the wayside and disappear. It doesn’t matter how much customers loved them.

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