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The Montgomery Mall has been largely abandoned by major retailers and the public in recent years, however there was a time in the late sixties and seventies when this was a hugely popular place to shop and the main retail destination for the residents of Montgomery, and it also thrived in the eighties and nineties despite competition from another local mall.

The Montgomery Mall was first established in the late sixties where it first was a one building mall housing a local department store which was originally named Montgomery Fair. This store later became Gayfers, and then Dillards. During its second year, the mall opened a second building which was the location for a number of specialized stores as well as the second anchor store for the mall – JC Penney.

malllogoFor the first decade of its existence Montgomery Mall faced little competition, but even when Montgomery’s second mall opened across town in 1977, it still continued to do well, despite being smaller and having only two key department stores versus the other mall’s four. The Montgomery Mall was home to many of the most popular stores of the 1980′s and 1990′s, including The Gap and Crabtrre and Evelyn, and was heavily renovated in ’88 to add an innovative and modern food court as well as the third major anchor store, Parisian.

The Montgomery Mall started to fall in popularity in the late 90′s as the area of south east Montgomery where it is located became a less and less desirable place to visit. In 1999 at Christmas, there was even an incident in the food court where somebody was shot, indicating the rise of crime in the area. Stores began to leave, and when a more modern outdoor style mall opened in a more desirable part of East Montgomery in 2002, this was essentially the final nail in the failing Montgomery Mall’s coffin.

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