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The Military Circle Mall in Norfolk Virginia is a mall that is failing to attract the kind of floor traffic and prime retailers it could in its glory days, however isn’t quite a “dead mall” yet. The mall is largely a quiet one, yet it does still attract some regular shoppers who tend to visit its anchor stores, JC Penney, Sears, Kohl’s and Macy’s, or use the Cinemark multiplex movie theater. Aside from these retail giants, the shops based in the Military Circle mall aren’t doing good numbers, and there are a lot of low end retail kiosks and dollar store type outlets that have taken the place of mainstream stores as the mall has declined in popularity.

The Mall changed somewhat a few years ago in 2009 when one major retailer, KB Toys went bankrupt and a number of the stores near to it also moved out, leaving the wing that had once housed popular shops like this and Radioshack, Walden Books and Suncoast empty. The mall was bought by a new investor who wanted to try and give it a revival around this time, however few new stores have come, leaving a number of empty places as well as stores rented by cheap, temporary businesses selling things like mobile phone accessories and t-shirts.

Some mark the bankruptcy of KB Toys and the vacant lot they left behind as one of the turning points in terms of this malls success, but really there are no obvious reasons why its fortune changed and it went from being a lively, thriving mall to a quiet mall that many feel is close to death. There has been an increase in crime, with more robberies and vehicle break ins on mall premises in recent years, but this is viewed more as a symptom of the mall’s decline than a cause.

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880 North Military Highway Norfolk, VA 23502
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