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The Lincoln Mall in Warwick, Rhode Island was built in the mid seventies, and was designed to be an appealing, one story mid size mall. It featured a four screen movie theater, plenty of food options (including the McDonalds which is still present on the site), as well as four anchor stores and about 75 other shops. While it boasted plenty of popular chains, it was also a great mall to visit if you were interested in more unusual independent stores and boutiques, with shops like a specialized organ shop and independent, one off food places like Menu Magic. There was even a shop that only sold buttons. It also had a central kids area, which was where local children would be able to meet the Easter Bunny and Santa or see other exciting seasonal attractions.

The mall thrived in its first couple of decades, and faced very little competition. The nearest mall to it was the Warwick and Rhode Island Mall, but the Lincoln Mall was sufficiently well placed to keep its customers loyal right up until 1989 when the Emerald Square Mall opened in North Attleboro. The Emerald Square Mall was just a fifteen minute drive from the Lincoln Mall and was bigger, more modern, and full of key stores that attracted many shoppers who had previously always used the Lincoln.

This lead to a gradual decline in popularity that stretched through the nineties and into the 21st century, seeing shops vacate the Lincoln Mall as well as foot traffic seriously dwindling – the two contributing to a downward spiral that has currently left the Lincoln Mall as little more than a strip mall with just a few popular stores in Target and places like Starbucks and McDonalds. A few attempts were made to save the mall and return it to popularity, including opening the target in the mid 2000′s, but while these saw some positive results, they were not enough to compete with Emerald Square.

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