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The Landmark shopping mall in Alexandria Virginia currently has an uncertain future, with most plans seeming to indicate that it will be turned into an open air mall, with much of the existing three story mall structure demolished to make way for a new outdoor mall centering around a couple of the existing anchor stores. These plans would be an attempt to return the failing mall to its former popularity by adopting the more fashionable outdoor style of retail complex.

Landmark currently has a couple of restaurants in Ruby Tuesday’s and Mozzarella’s rather than the food court type experience that you see in most indoor malls, and is also home to some unconventional businesses like doctors’ offices as well as retail stores. Many of the big retail chains you would expect to find in a mall are here, including Victoria’s Secret, Gap, Electronic Boutique, Hallmark, Claire’s and Lane Bryant, but many of the larger stores in terms of floor space like Old Navy have left the mall, which adds to its empty feel.

Nobody is entirely sure why the Landmark Mall in Alexandria has fallen so out of favor with both retailers and shoppers in the past 15 years, however it has seen a lot of store closures and some wings of the mall now feel deserted. Despite its reasonably good location at a major intersection and the reliable anchors of Sears, Lord and Taylor’s and Hecht’s, none of which are present in the two closest other malls, people no longer flock to shop at Landmark in their droves.

Landmark was first opened in the mid 1960′s, and had as its anchor stores the now defunct Woodie’s, along with Sears and Hecht’s which are still there. Ironically, given its likely future, it was at first an outdoor shopping mall type layout, which was known as Landmark Center. It wasn’t until the nineties that this was all encapsulated into the three story indoor mall format that stands today.

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