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The Greenspoint Mall in Houston is now something of an obscure and unwanted feature, with so many other preferable shopping options in the Houston area, and many believe that these are its final days, with few key stores left to attract foot traffic. In earlier times, however, Greenspoint was a hugely popular and aesthetically quite beautiful mall which offered a great shopping experience complete with all of the most desirable department and specialty stores.

At its launch in 1976, it was the only mall in Houston’s Northern suburbs, and it offered visitors Sears and Foley’s as its original anchors. At one point in time, Greenspoint was actually the highest grossing mall in the country! Its initial success lead to expansion through the rest of the seventies and into the eighties, with stores like JC Penney, Joske’s, Montgomery Ward, Walter Pye’s, Beall’s and Lord & Taylor’s all adding to its appeal. It was beautifully designed, with a sculpture court and palatial fountains giving it a very upscale feel that shoppers really enjoyed, and a unique indoor waterfall with a restaurant at the top and a cafe beneath it made dining at the mall a nice thing to do, too.

Sadly, the mall’s success was not to last. As other malls opened their doors nearby, including the Willowbrook and Deerbrook malls, Houston’s shoppers began to move away from seeing Greenspoint as their go to shopping center, and stores began to leave as a result. At the same time, changes in town planning led to the area around Greenspoint becoming less desirable, and crime rates soaring. An incident in which a female sheriff was kidnapped and killed in the 90′s lead to local people beginning to refer to the area as “gunspoint”, and keeping their distance.

Now, the mall has been redesigned and the fountains and sculptures have been replaced by a bright, almost garish look that many locals think has cheapened its ambiance, and there are no longer the wealth of stores visitors used to flock to.

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