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Brunswick Square is located at the intersection of Route 18 and Rues Lane, in the city of East Brunswick. Currently, Brunswick Square offers 769,041 square feet of total retail floor space, and is anchored by a JCPenny as well as a Macy’s. Simon Property Group, which is an owner of various different shopping malls throughout the country, is currently the owner and operator of this mall.

Beginnings of Brunswick Square Mall

The mall originally was established back in 1970, with the key anchors being JCPenny and Bamberger’s. It is rather common to see a mall take on JCPenny as an anchor, and for that same store to stay there for a very long time. This rings true with Brunswick Square as well, as the same JCPenny from 1970 remains there today and shows no signs of closing down.

Though it is owned by Simon Property Group now, it was originally run by the Debartolo Corporation, and was sold in 1999 to Simon Property. In 1986, Bamberger’s turned into Macy’s, and three years later talks for major expansion would begin to surface behind the scenes. The plan was to add an additional floor to the already rather large shopping mall, as well as a new parking deck, an additional anchor store, and of course more stores throughout the mall in general.

Unfortunately, these plans needed to be toned down a reasonable amount due to fear that it would generate too much traffic and be bothersome for local townsfolk. This caused the project to be push back further, and eventually the recession of the 90’s would hit and cause the expansion to be scrapped entirely.

Newer Renovations to Brunswick Square Mall

In the year of 1999, Brunswick Square finally received its first real expansion, bringing a Barnes and Noble to the establishment as a new anchor. Additionally, the mall’s movie theatre was expanded to 13 stadium seating screens. The movie theatre also received a Nathan’s, Ben & Jerry’s, and Auntie Anne’s since the mall itself didn’t have a food court,

The next year, the mall underwent some major renovations including new ceilings and skylights, as well as brand new flooring and lighting. Not only that, but a brand new main entrance was built on the mall’s west side, taking place of a Kinney Shoes which was closed down.

Even more recently, just in 2011 JCPenny received renovations to modernize the Brunswick Square location, as well as add a Sephora location within JCPenny. Currently the Macy’s store is slightly larger than the JCPenny store, with Macy’s weighing in at around 244,000 square feet and JCPenny about 20,000 square feet behind.

In 2013, another entrance was added to the Brunswick Square Mall, this was accompanied with a new hallway area that offers a Panera Bread, Tilted Kilt, and a GoWireless location. Some other key retailers in Brunswick Square include: Best Buy Mobile, American Eagle, Hollister Co., Bath & Body Works, Victoria’s Secret, and Old Navy.


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