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The Biltmore Square Mall has gone a lot downhill since 2006. A lot of the big-name stores have just picked up and left, and a lot of them sit vacant right now. There are a lot of stores that have just gone from the mall like GameStop, Sbarro, Hallmark, Walden Books, Goody’s and FYE. There are a lot of others that I’m surely forgetting about at the moment. Radio Shack is still there, but we’ll see just how long it’s there. Steven & Barry’s did close a little while ago, and that site is currently occupied by a furniture mega-store there. It’s generally a huge furniture outlet store. There’s a David Clothing store there too, and it’s right across the way from the furniture store. Since the previous update on that site, there has even been a Hospice Treasures store that’s closed down, and that’s definitely not a good sign.

Interestingly, there are around six restaurants that are still there in the food court. The majority of those restaurants are owned locally, except for the Chick-Fil-A restaurant. There’s even a Chinese restaurant that was once a Manchu Wok, and it still looks the same, except the name of the store is Beijing Wok now.

There’s still an anchor store there, and it’s Belk. A big part of the store had been shut off, and it seemed like there was a ton reduced merchandise that was there on display. Dillard’s is currently in the mall right now, at least in name. The Dillard’s store is just a kind of Dillard’s clearance store that’s replete with unorganized clothing racks.

It’s difficult to see a mall that’s gone downhill to such an extent that there are only disorganized clothing racks in the Dillard’s store. It can be hard to deal with that kind of demise of a wonderful mall, one that used to be so beautiful and big. However, there are a lot of malls that go the way of the dinosaur. It’s just a normal and standard thing for malls to become decrepit and disgusting after a long period of misue and ill repair.

The mall is beginning to turn into something pretty bizarre these days. It’s mixed in right with a number of the big-name stores and a lot of shops that are locally-owned, as well as a gym, a karate place, and another place with arcade & racing games.

The mall is generally becoming really bizarre these days. It’s interesting that the mall is definitely becoming really bizarre nowadays. What’s mixed in with a lot of the big-name stores are many locally-owned shops, and they’re somewhat different. There’s a movie theater that serves you dinner now. There’s also a Dollar Tree store, food court, and a furniture store. This definitely doesn’t look like the mall it used to be. That’s a definite shame, because it’s always been in a location that’s much easier to reach than the Asheville Mall.

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