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In early 1960, the Apache Corporation and architect Willard Thorsen drew up plans and made models for the second enclosed shopping center in Minnesota. Rightfully called Apache
Plaza, the mall was going to include what was hoped to be the biggest center court — measuring over 3 stories high and as long as a football field. Among that and other things, the mall would feature 60 stores (Yes, it WAS a lot back then), a beautiful fountain, and was basically in the center of town.

The mall thrived for 20-some years, and then went under it’s first renovation project. Adding a few stores, and minor renovation details to the interior of the mall, it boasted the foot traffic somewhat… The mall was economically sound anyway. Right after that renovation, a tornado went through the community and blasted the southern end of the mall… Walls were gone, ceilings disappeared, and the Anderson’s furniture store looked like it had been robbed. The severe damage was eventually healed, and through time the mall got it’s act together … or so it appeared.

About 6 months after the initial tornado touch-down, anchors and stores alike started heading for the door. As others watched from the sidelines, they soon followed suit. The remaining store is Herbergers Dept. Store. The mall was demolished in 2004.

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3800 Silver Lake Road, St. Anthony Village, Minnesota
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