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Top 10 Largest Shopping Malls in the World

If you adore shopping, and you’ve wondered what kinds of malls there are out there, beyond the boundaries of your hometown, then this list is for you. Let’s take a look at the ten biggest shopping malls on earth.

Mall of Asia

With a name like Mall of Asia, you know it’s going to be big. It’s located in Pasay, Philippines. It was opened just seven years ago, and it has a square footage that’s over four million feet. How many people do you think visit the mall on a daily basis? There are over 200,000 people that visit the mall on a daily basis, and that’s on a slow day too! Plus, it had the first IMAX theater in all of the Philippines. There’s also the first ice skating rink, of an Olympic size, in the mall. Guess how many stores the mall has? There are almost 1,100 stores where you can get anything you desire, and with an international trade system that works as fluidly as it does, you can get just about anything you can think of there. Plus, you can get a lot of cheap goods there because of all the manufacturing that goes on there.

Sunway Pyramid

The 9th biggest mall on earth is the Sunway Pyramid, and it’s got quite a unique name indeed. It’s located in Selangor, Malaysia. It’s about 4.2 million square feet, and it’s just slightly larger than the Mall of Asia. There are less stores than the Mall of Asia though. It only has 800 stores. One thing that makes this mall so interesting is the entrance’s look. There is a pyramid at the front of it, and it mimics those kinds of pyramids that were were found in Egypt. There is also a lion on the front, and it’s supposed to be standing guard. You can easily reach the mall through public transportation.

Cevahir Mall

Turkey is known for its history of malls, and some of the largest malls in history were conceived there hundreds of years ago. It’s no surprise that the 8th largest mall on earth is also there. Check out the Cevahir Mall in Istanbul, Turkey, if you want to see a small that is 4.5 million square feet. However, you may be a little disappointed that it only has 343 stores. However, it has 48 restaurants, a bowling alley, and more than a dozen cinemas. This is definitely a mall you can get entertained at, and the interior is just exquisite, with polished marble, crystal, and gold motif to really bring out the mystique and glamor of Turkey. There are mostly just international stores in the mall. The restaurants are also international restaurants. Plus, you can see international movies. If you’re visiting Turkey, and you want a state of back home, wherever back home is, then go here.

Mid Valley Megamall

Mid Valley Megamall in Malaysia, in the city of Kuala Lumpur, is in a tie for the the 8th biggest mall on earth. It’s one of the other malls in Malaysia that makes the top ten list. Malaysia is quickly becoming known as “Mallasia”. They are getting international attention for the number of big malls they have. There are just over 400 stores across the five floors. Out of the 400 or so stores, there are five big anchor stores. What’s great about this mall, though, in particular, is that it’s part of a larger complex that is home to a couple of hotels and over 30 offices. It’s in a very concentrated area as far as lodging and business, and it’s definitely an entire area you need to check out if you’re in Kuala Lumpur.

Isfahan City Center

Isfahan City Center is a gorgeous mall in Iran that is over 4.5 million square feet, and it’s the 7th largest mall on earth. It opened just recently though, and its doors officially let in the public on November 12th, 2012. There are over 750 stores spread out roughly evenly over seven floors. As well as its stores, this mall also hosts stalls, airline offices, restaurants, and a hypermarket. For those people who haven’t seen Iranian interior design, this is it at its finest.

Central World

Central World is the 6th biggest mall on earth, and it’s located in Bangkok, Thailand. It’s over 4.6 million square feet, and its complex has two skyscrapers too. It is in the Pathum Wan district, and it is very easily accessible and conveniently located. It has a gigantic, five-star hotel there too. It is a tremendous sight to see. You should definitely try to stay in the hotel if you’re in the city. Sleep there at night and enjoy the luxurious amenities, and go on shopping trips throughout the day at the Central World mall afterward.

Persian Gulf Complex

Iran is home to one of the world’s other biggest malls too. Iran is known for its shopping malls, and neighboring Turkey has some of the biggest ones too, with the concept stretching back hundreds of years in Turkey. Shiraz, Iran hosts the fifth biggest shopping mall. It is over 4.8 million square feet. Furthermore, it has more stores than almost any other mall too. If you just look at the number of shops, it is the biggest mall on earth. However, most measurements of mall size are based on square footage, and this mall does not have the most. The complex has six 240-seat theaters, a hypermarket, a bowling alley, and a couple of amusement parks. This is like a city in itself. You could hang out here and get lost and never remember where you were the first day if you toured the whole mall and came back to square one. Plus, the mall even has its own hotel, and it has 262 hotel rooms, plus there is a tennis court, indoor and outdoor pools, a helipad, and a convention center.

1 Utama

1 Utama is the fourth largest mall on earth. It is located in Selangor, Malaysia. This is the second mall located in Selangor, Malaysia that is one of the largest on earth. That city is home to a couple of the most awesome malls on the planet, and if you ever visit this tremendous place, you simply have to check them both out. Plus, Malaysia has some of the biggest malls on earth outside of this city. It is over five million square feet, and it has six stories, and it has over 700 stores as well. There was a new wing put onto the mall, and it’s the biggest mall in the country after that renovation took place. There are 120,000 people that go in and out of that city every day. It has five anchor stores, and it has a couple of supermarkets as well.

SM City North EDSA

SM City North EDSA is in the Philippines; it’s the third largest mall on earth. It opened in 1985, and it had 1,100 stores, which is a high number for any mall, but it only has half the stores as Iran’s largest mall. It is the biggest mall in Southeast Asia, and there are over 400 restaurants there. There are a lot of of additions to the mall, like two cinemas, a hypermarket, a supermarket, an IMAX theater, and a bowling alley.

The Golden Resources Mall

The second biggest mall on earth is the Golden Resources Mall, and it’s located in Beijing, China. It has six million square feet, and there are over 1,000 stores. Each floor of the mall is devoted to its own unique look, and there is a category for each floor of the mall. For example, the lowest floor has mostly maternity and children’s stores. The smallest floor is a little sports arena.

New South China Mall

New South China Mall is the biggest mall on earth, and you would expect the biggest mall on earth to be in China. The mall has a small number of stores at 47 stores though. The reason is that 99% of the mall has been vacant since it opened in 2005. The mall has a lack of accessibility and a suburban location that make it hard to get people coming into the mall. The only occupied area of the mall is the area near the Western fast food restaurants. It’s kind of ironic that the biggest mall on earth as the fewest stores, at least as far as the top ten list is concerned.

10 Largest Shopping Malls in the US

There’s nothing more American than shopping. It’s America’s favorite pastime, right next to baseball and homemade apple pie. Let’s take a look at the top ten largest shopping malls in the USA.

Mall of America

With a name like Mall of America, you know it’s going to be good. There are just endless options at the Mall of America, and there are over 500 stores where you can sate your shopping desires. Whatever you want, the Mall of America probably has a store that can accommodate you. There are over 50 restaurants too, while the average food court has just 20 restaurants. It’s like an international cuisine tour when you walk through the food court. There’s even an indoor amusement park that’s built right into the mall. There’s awesome browsing at Chanel, Nordstrom’s, and Burberry too, for those people who like high-end window shopping. There are mega-stores and endless rows of great shops, like the Lego store and American Girl, to name a few. There is even a tourism office as part of the mall. That’s right. It’s so big that it needs its own tourism office, and you can get a free visitor’s kit so you can plan out your shopping strategy when you walk through the doors.

King of Prussia Mall

The King of Prussia Mall just right outside of Philadelphia is the biggest mall on the East Coast, and it has three million square feet. There’s just shopping fun around every corner, and you’ll never get bored. The space is so big, in fact, that five of the Great Pyramids could fit inside it. Shopaholics will also rejoice at this mall, because there are over 400 shops here. If you’re going around the Christmas season, then buy a Santa’s FASTPASS on the Internet before you visit there, and skip the long line where even the best kids can get tired and annoyed waiting in line to see Santa. With a name like King of Prussia Mall, you know it’s going to be amazing. This is no standard mall, and that’s for sure.

Sawgrass Mills

You can get some mega-deals at the huge Sawgrass Mills mall, and it has three unique shopping destinations with a combination of outdoor and indoor shopping venues. There are retail shops featured alongside high-end and lowered-priced fashion outposts, and you can find stores like Burberry Factory Outlet, Saks off Fifth, and Last Call by Neiman Marcus. There is a great little app for the mall too, and you can download the app ahead of time so that you can get new information on special events, deals, directions, and mall hours too.

The Shops at Columbus Circle

This mall in New York City, New York has some fashionable neighborhoods that surround it, some quirky boutiques inside of it, and it has enough pizzazz to stand out on New York’s shopping scene. That’s something hard to pull off for any shopping center. This is a stellar version of a mall that is gorgeous inside, and it is on the level of what you should expect from the Big Apple. There are luxury shops like Thomas Pink, and there is Stuart Weitzman for shoes, and Tumi for luggage too. You can get everything you need to live a posh, urban lifestyle at this amazing mall. You won’t regret the shopping experience, even if you don’t buy anything. There are amazingly stylish dining options here, and the restaurants are high-end and upscale. This is a mall with a food court to match its stores.

The Galleria

The Galleria in Houston, Texas is one of the biggest malls in the United States, and it only makes sense that one of the biggest malls in the United States is in Texas. Everything is bigger in Texas, after all. This shopping emporium that is the size of Texas has snazzy retailers and delicious restaurants, and there’s an ice skating rink under the big glass atriums too. The mall uses Twitter and Facebook to get out news about deals and special events. Make sure to follow it and keep up with all the facts.

Via Bellagio

If you’re lucky in Las Vegas, you won’t have any problems getting rid of some of your winnings at Via Bellagio, the nicest hotel shopping that you can find anywhere in the United States. There are some of the world’s top designers that sit along this stretch, like Fred Leighton, Fendi, Pradi, and Yves Saint Laurent. Try checking out the Pool Promenade collection of shops as well.

The Grove

The Grove is located in Los Angeles, California, and you can really imbue your shopping experience with some Hollywood staple at this staple in Los Angeles. It is a shopping destination with some paparazzi, famous clientele, and trendy stores too. See some of the stylish shops too, like Johnny Was, UGG Australia, Madewell, and Anthropologie. You might have also enjoyed Sprinkles Cupcakes there, just in time for the holidays, since it opened in November 2012, and it’s definitely one of the most delicious cupcake stores in the world. Take a ride on the free electric trolley that runs in between the Grove and the closely farmers market.

Tysons Corner

Tysons Corner is in McLean, Virginia, and it’s just a couple of minutes outside of the Beltway. It keeps the well-heeled DC politicos looking stylish. It’s the biggest shopping mall in the area, and it’s known for its spacious home stores, luxury retailers, and other big stores there too. You can shop in peace during the weekdays there, when there’s less people, because they’re all busy at work.

South Coast Plaza

South Coast Plaza is in Costa Mesa, California, and it has the highest sales of any mall int he country. It’s known for people spending, schmoozing, and browsing. There are over 280 boutique shops there, and there are 30 restaurants. This is definitely the place to be seen if you’re a famous socialite. Some of the best-dressed housewives in California are there. Plus, there are three levels of furniture and house ware stores. There are even four concierge locations where you can check your packages in and free yourself up for more shopping bags too.

Short Hills Mall

Short Hills Mall is in Short Hills, New Jersey. It’s a great place to shop whether you’re a burgeoning fashionista or an old grandmother. There are a wide range of stores, and you’re sure to find whatever you want. It’s just a little bit away from Manhattan, and there are a number of anchor shops that are fully stocked there, and there are some luxury shops there as well. There are even some boutique shops thrown in to the mix of 160 shops. New Jersey is a state that doesn’t charge sales tax for clothing so you’ll be able to splurge there if you want to.

The Mall Situation in Memphis, Tennessee

Mall of Memphis: Closed Christmas Eve 2003. Started out in the early seventies as “the mall” in the Memphis area. However, a deterioration of the neighborhood in the early 90′s, coupled with one or two murders in the parking lot, started it’s demise. The last anchors (Dillard’s and J. C. Penny’s) left in 2001, and nothing, not even government offices, could help. Sadly, the only thing going at the time it closed was an ice skating rink, and those kids have been left out in the cold. (Sorry for the bad choice of words!)

Raleigh Springs Mall: Bad management and a change for the worse in the neighborhood have this mall on life support. It opened in the seventies with several anchors (Penny’s, Woolworth’s, Goldsmith’s, Dillard’s, and Sears). Present management took it over in the early 90′s, and the downhill slide began shortly thereafter. There has been a change in the neighborhood during this time that was not for the better. Woolworth’s went under in the mid 80′s or so, and it was not until the turn of the century that a movie theater was built with government funds for the benefit of a local chain of theaters. Up until this time, the space had been mostly vacant with the front being used for mom & pop candy and tobacco stores. Penny’s became a catalog outlet in the mid 90′s causing a change in clientele. This continued until early 2002, when the store completely closed. Dillard’s became an outlet store as well about this time, using two of the original three floors. It resembled nothing more than a glorified rummage sale. They closed, as well as Goldsmith’s in April 2003. Goldsmith’s got a lot of bad publicity as gang members on an initiation stunt shoplifted quite a bit of merchandise only to be caught after a traffic accident that resulted in a policeman being killed on the scene. Sears still remains. Have not been there for about a year or so, as the mall has a bad reputation for stolen cars, and gang activity.

Oak Court Mall: Opened as an “Upscale Mall.” Bought a several years ago by the same company that has mismanaged Raleigh Springs Mall. Almost immediately the “upscale” label was removed. Lost Lord & Taylor as an anchor which, while understandable, did not help things. Now anchored by a double dose of Dillard’s on one end (two stores — one for men; one for women), and Goldsmith’s on the other. In between we have seen stores such as Disney and The Limited leave in the last couple of years only to be either left vacant, or replaced by a local operation that usually lasts until the SBA loan money runs out. A characteristic is that the mall has eight escalators between the various levels in the public area, and almost always one or more of them will be turned off. I believe this is done on purpose to save electricity, and have continually complained. Goldsmith’s had one customer robbed and killed in their parking garage a few years ago. This mall could be in a lot better shape considering it is in a pretty good neighborhood for a retail location.

South Carolina Malls

Once upon a time there was a hamlet named Greenville, situated in the northwest corner of South Carolina. With a population of 55,000, and over 300,000 in the metropolitan area, Greenville is undoubtedly the economic capital of the Upstate. Several large manufacturing firms call Greenville home, including the North American headquarters of Michelin and the first full manufacturing facility outside Germany for BMW.

Once upon a time there were five full-line department stores in downtown Greenville. At the south end of Main Street stood Belk-Simpson. Moving farther north, one passes J.C. Penney and Ivey’s. Of course, there is the ubiquitous Woolworth’s across Main Street from Ivey’s. Meyers-Arnold is located a block further up Main Street, also on the left. Several blocks to the northeast, on the outskirts of downtown, lies Sears. Greenville was your typical, mid-sized town.

And then the malls came. Three of them (or five, depending on whom you ask). I don’t necessarily think that Greenville is overmalled from an economic standpoint. Rather, the location of the malls in Greenville is what causes them to perform tepidly. All three of our malls are located within 4 miles of each other.

And so we’ll start at the very beginning with some introductions, and then work through the years.

UPDATED South Carolina: Various information

1. Meyers-Arnold WAS at Haywood Mall for a few years. I’m not sure why it closed, but it was a mini-department store where the food court is now.

2. McAlister Square started fading in the late 1980s when a few small stores closed. Dillard’s bought Ivey’s in 1990. Upton’s bought
Meyers-Arnold in the 1980s sometime. Then the mall was remodeled into a train station appearance (which it still has) in 1990-1991, which definitely helped it, as it attracted a Bookland, a Lerner, and a few other new stores.
Unfortunately Dillard’s closed in mid-1995, Belk closed sometime around 1999 and even though nearly all of the mall’s small stores were still there, many of them closed when Belk’s closed, leaving just a cafeteria, an Upton’s, a Foot Locker, a Chinese place in the food court, a Radio Shack, etc. Most of the remaining tenants closed when Upton’s did. I am still surprised that there is a Boda Pipes store there and a few other tenants, such as a shoe repair shop and a barber shop. How they make money in a dead mall is beyond me.

3. Greenville Mall opened in 1978. The cafeteria closed in the early
1990s, I think. The mall re-opened in 1995. It’s now anchorless,
apart from Oshman’s. Redevelopment of the mall into a lifestyle center has been
on the drawing board for a few years but it’s tentative. Surely the
mall can’t be redeveloped into an enclosed mall a third time; I think it will be demolished, sadly enough, and turned into a lifestyle center
eventually. What a shame because it is a gorgeous mall with great stores such as Harold’s and used to have other high-end stores that all closed.

4. Bell Tower Mall was built in 1968, just before McAlister Square
opened, and was enclosed from the start. It was a downscale, small mall that opened just as downtown started dying. It suffered from poor visibility from a semi-highway that goes by it and had weak anchors and non-descript stores that were in other malls and on Main Street, too. I think it did well in the 1970s but just died when all of downtown’s remaining department stores closed in 1980, and its Woolco anchor closed in 1982, killing it.

Lincoln Mall Owensboro Kentucky

Lincoln Mall was first constructed in 1971. It was the initial enclosed shopping center in the region, and it had a primary anchor store, which was Woolco. The shops that opened up their doors in concert with the grand opening of the mall were Star Pizza, Olan Mills Photography, Arnold’s Jewelers, and Mall Twin Cinema, and there were several other stores, many of which have been forgotten over the years. The mall had just a single floor, hallway, and just four stores that had entrances outside. The cinema first opened up in 1971, with Lincoln Mall, and there were tickets to see a show there that only cost $1.50 at the time, which was incredibly cheap. I still have a ticket from a show a long while back. There was a little water fountain with three water spouts, and they sprayed continuously.

The founder and owner of the mall is William Barron. He believed that the city needed a mall to give the retail economy a little boost. He constructed Lincoln Mall to do just that. When the mall was constructed, there were a lot of other stores that were in the same area.

Lincoln Mall had a really strong term. All of the store spaces were completely full, there were no storefronts that were vacant, and there were walkers around the mall who went their daily for their daily exercise too. There were children, and they had their parents with them, and they were doing a lot of shopping. This was the successful place to be.

However, in 1979, there was a mall on the other side of town, and it had four anchor malls, and there around 90 stores that were being built on the other end of the mall. The mall was going to be called Towne Square Mall. It had some anchor stores like Sears, Bacons, and JC Penney.

Lincoln Mall went into a decline that very year. There were a lot of clothing boutique shops that either shut down or moved out of the mall to the other side of the city. Over the next couple of years, shopper traffic went down a lot, and it then increased at Towne Square. This caused many consignment stores, thrift stores, and antique stores to move out. The mall is currently empty to this day. There are only two stores there and an insurance ofice. The Twin Cinema closed down, the Goodwill stored moved out, and several other stores closed too. The mall still is there like it was so many decades ago, but it’s a lot quieter and more creepy. The front doors are unlocked each day, and there are still vending machines, coke machines, and restrooms available too. It’s not fun to see a mall go on the decline, but when there’s another mall that’s competing with it strongly then it can be hard to get into the community and keep a presence there. The other mall just ends up shutting down the business from the previous one. It’s just what happens in the mall game.